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Taking a shower after a long day is a relief! The work stress and downbeat of life these days strains every inch of our body and showers are the time to forget about the worldly stress and just enjoy your own little solitude time. We spend a considerable amount of time in bathrooms. It is a place to relax with the privacy of one’s own self. It is a place where we plan our dreams, think about the meaning of life, ponder over our existence, reflect on our past, dream about our future, our work and even plan out the next meeting at the office. It therefore becomes very important to style our bathrooms in our own way. With proper fixtures, the hardware and mirror the next important thing is how you keep your shower curtains interesting.

Shower curtains are becoming more than just a useful item in bathrooms these days. With a single touch of these you can create a whole new aura surrounding you. Here are a few designs we found interesting and hope you do too.

The first thing you need to know is what exactly are you looking for and what are your requirements. Shower curtains come in a variety of fabrics and you must choose carefully according to your bathroom.

Fabric Shower Curtains

You can choose fabrics like cotton, polyester or blend. Cotton shower curtains are easy to maintain, you can easily wash them in machine and don’t have to worry about it. It however needs to be used with a liner in order to repel moisture soap etc. Cotton is porous and breathes through the air and is simple to wash.

Fabric Shower Curtains

We found this 100% Cotton Lucianna Collection  Heavyweight Embroidered Decorative Shower Curtain by the brand Home Fashion Designs.

We loved how simple it is, this can go with a wide range of bathrooms and add to its beauty. It’s twill weave and Geometric embroidery gives a subtle, decorative touch to the bathroom. The neutral color is perfect to go well with most bathrooms, you can choose from white/tan/grey and navy colors to match your style. It is heavy weight and 100% cotton, machine wash in cold water and so very affordable!

If you are more into dark colors, than this next one might be the one you are looking for!



Floral Cotton Shower Curtain Blue White

Navy blue ikat floral shower curtainsWe loved its color! It’s dark and elegant and all that you want to make your bathroom look classy!
100% cotton with bohemian floral pattern, this sure is going to make your bathroom look its best. Material of this curtain is a little heavy, so this will also block a bit of light coming from elsewhere. If your bathing area doesn’t have a bright light don’t go for this one.  Another point that you should note for this is the color is not very bright, it most probably will go well with bright bathrooms else it will make the places darker and not as much fun for the job.




Polyester Shower Curtains and their best designs

Polyester shower curtains are thick and strong. They keep the moisture away and don’t really need a liner. Like cotton, polyester is porous as well and they are light weight, so it’s easy to clean them.

Polyester shower curtains come in a variety of designs. They are usually vinyl polyesters and come with additional features like anti-fungal, antibacterial, resistant to mildew shower curtains. In the end it’s all up to you how you want the design to coordinate with the colors or the overall appearance of your bathroom.

Here are a few examples I liked the most,

• Meditation of Buddha Shower Curtains by FOOG

Buddha Shower Curtains

This is a 100% polyester, non vinyl, non peva high quality shower curtain, the image is unique and of high resolution which brings a 3D like effect giving your bathroom real depth and value. It is digitally printed and does not contain harmful dyes.

Simply hang this shower curtain to bring immense peace and purity to your soul. This Buddha shower curtain will always remind you to concentrate and focus on what you have in front of you. The spirituality and simplicity inside of you will increase 10 folds and this would leave to content with your life. After all as is His saying,” health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth and faithfulness the best relationship”.

• Sunny Forest with Wild Garlic Enchanting Wildflowers Blossoms Landscape Scene

Ambesonne Decor Ployster Shower Curtains

This particular shower curtain by Ambesonne Farm House décor collection is for the nature enthusiast inside of you. Besides being all waterproof, soap resistant etc this also has plastic hooks with it. It’s simply refreshing and all green!! The white flowers can go with the marbles at your bathroom floor while you can match the top with towels, rugs, bathroom mats or other accessories. I especially liked the sunrays coming through the trees which makes it breathtakingly beautiful and refreshing. With all the pollution in metropolitan cities these days, this sure will help ease your nerves and calm your soul.

And if we are talking about nature, how can we forget about the beautiful sunrises and sunsets? These are like the most beautiful thing in the world, looking at sunrises and sunsets gives you a feeling of bliss. The clouds, the colors all mixing to produce a serene effect and gives a sense of inner peace. If you are amongst the sunset or sunrise people, these next few shower curtains are for you!

• Gwein Beautiful Sunrise Over the Sea Shower Curtain

Beach Conch Starfish Shower CurtainsThe color is amazing. The sun rising over the sea makes you elated. This shower curtain is 100% polyester, no PEVA or PVC material. The texture is firm yet smooth and promotes water bead formation preventing curtain soaking.  These shower curtains are backed by Gwein’s amazing 90-Day, no-questions- asked money-back guarantee as well as an outstanding, 12 MONTH Warranty! It’s a totally Risk Free purchase.

Another great one from Gwein that you can consider is,




• Gwein Summer Beautiful Beach Shower Curtain

Summer Beach Shower CurtainsThis one is similar to the earlier Gwein shower Curtain, and possesses all the goodness therein. It is 100% polyester, water repellent, mildew proof, and has the 12 month guarantee as well. It is quite affordable too.

For those who love mystical, magical world of fairies and mysterious creatures, we have the best of choices. Growing up with the stories of dwarfs and elves and magical fairies, we have always been quite fascinated with the mysteries lying behind this world. To unleash a bit of magic in you, we have the perfect shower curtains for you.



• Dodou Mysterious Fairytale Forest Shower Curtain

Mysterious Fairytale Shower Curtains

This vibrant shower curtain with its mysterious aura is all you need to get lost in the dreams of magic and spells. The picture is just sprightly and magnificent. You would feel like you are going into a mystical world of secrets, creating your own fairytales while showering. This is perfect for bookworms who love reading fiction and live in their own little world. Take a look yourself-

If you are not such a bookworm and enjoy movies more, that too, thriller and action, We have something for you as well.



• Nautical Decor Shower Curtain Set by Ambesonne


This one is a personal favorite! It reminds me of pirates of the Caribbean and Titanic fusion. Weird, I know. But it’s the design. Dolphins approaching a ruined wreckage of underwater sunken ship! That’s just wow! It amazes me quite literally. The colors are vibrant and vivid thanks to the digital printing technology, no dyes that means it’s totally safe for your family too. The color won’t fade and it is easily washable too. The material is 100% polyester, no PEVA or PVC, totally environmental friendly! No wonder it’s a favourite.



• Custom Galaxy Lion Shower Curtain

Lion Galaxy Shower CurtainsThis is another amazing budget proof shower curtain we came across. The colors are spectacular! The image is flowing with power and strength, and why not? Lion is a symbol of leadership, strength and courage. A lion is a leader, the most dominant animal in the forest, the king. This shower curtain will act as a powerful reminder for those who never want to give up, and who have the strength and power of that of a lion! For those who want to change things, who want to achieve the greatest level of success in their lives. For, ‘A lion sleeps in the heart of every brave man’. This will give you a very strong feeling when you step into your bathroom and unlike all the other lion pictures this one is very subtle and not furious.


• Space Nebula Universe, Galaxy Patterned Shower Curtain

Nebula Galaxy Shower Curtain

With vibrant colors, great picture quality and creative design, this shower curtain also made it to our list. Who isn’t flabbergasted by the infinity of the galaxies, the world beyond this sky? Looking up at the stars in the night, makes us wonder what lies far away from here. Galaxies are no less magical, the immensity and the wonders it behold is just unimaginable. You are roaming around the planet earth all day, why not grab a chance to have the whole galaxy in your bathroom when you spend that happy free time with the other planets. Maybe you will someday find an alien.



• Spinning Hat Social Shower Curtain

Social Shower Curtains

If you are not much into poems and are a social animal, and taking a shower is the only time when you’re not clicking away on social networking sites, this Social Shower Curtain is for you mate! You are always connected to social media, why keep it away when you are taking a shower. Social Shower curtains have graphics of all the social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and others. Those technology freaks hold your horses, this social curtain will not be interactive but just a printed social poster. We can understand where your thoughts are going looking at this, what if you could browse through your friend’s profile while having a bath. Well that time is also not too far, maybe very soon there will be such a Social Shower Curtain also but that question will still be, that how expensive?

• Glamour Girl Pink, Black & White Lace pattern Shower Curtain by TGBack

For teen girls who love pink, and the glamour of the pink world. This shower curtain is every teenage girl’s necessity. Match it up with white and pink towels, vanity boxes, rugs and the overall background. A bathroom is a place where girls take most of their time, decorating it accordingly is a must. This would add the perfect touch of glamour to your bathroom. We loved its color combination, we bet you would too. Go pink!

• EnaEzen Periodic Table Fabric Shower Curtain

Who says shower curtains cannot be educational? They definitely can be and especially when something strenuous like memorizing a periodic table is concerned. Yes, this shower curtain has the whole periodic table table fitted on it! So now, you can shower and learn simultaneously. Isn’t that just wonderful?

Not just periodic tables but maps and much more. Shower curtains these days comes with all tables to learn, maps, formulas and what not. Look at this one for example, USA Map Shower Curtain Home Decor by Ambesonne. Match well with the other accessories and make your bathroom place to learn.

Now that we have decided what material and what design we want in our shower curtain, the next step is to select shower curtain rods, rings or hooks according to your designs.

Shower curtain rods for all your different sized of bathrooms

You can choose from a variety of rods according to your bathtub or shower stall. Different rods of varying sizes and material are available online. Some of them are listed below:

• Steel Constant Tension  Curtain Rod for Bathroom

Shower Curtains RodsMade of stainless steel, this shower curtain tension rod is adjustable and rust-proof. It is aluminum, rust proof double curved shower curtain rod, so you easily hang both your liner and curtain on it. Its scratch proof and rust proof.

The rod is really strong and can hold the heaviest of your bathing curtain. Setting up this rod also is quite easy as it has a simple screwing mechanism which can decrease or increase the length of Shower Curtain Rod.

This is another shower curtain made of nickel. It is curved and hence makes space for movements. Consist brackets to easily install it.

• Shower Curtain Rings:

The next thing you would need is shower curtain rings. You can get plain rings or fancier ones, you can mix and match different types of rings as well. It all depends on how you want to keep them.
Some of the rings we found are listed below.

• Basic Plastic Shower Curtain Rings- made of clear plastic; these are one of the basics shower curtain rings you can find at a very cheap price.

• Metal Circular Shower Ring- by Maytex Mills, made up of high quality durable stainless steel.

• Steel Shower Curtain Rings Hooks – from LIHAO, decorative ring hooks with roller function for smooth movement on your shower rod. It has a nonporous surface and is anti-bacterial and rust proof. Small rolling ball bearings help in smooth gliding over the rod surface.

• Metal Double Glide Shower Ring- by Maytex Mills, the double hooks can accommodate both the liner and the shower curtain. These are rust free and glide smoothly on the rod surface due to the small ball bearings which reduces friction.

• Shower Curtain Hooks:


Instead of rings, you can use shower curtain hooks as well to match the overall design of your bathroom.

• InterDesign Axis – Shower Curtain Hooks with Ball Detail- this shower curtain hook is bronze colored and has a thermo-bond coating over its surface. It is rust free and can expand considerably to easily slip through the curtain grommet.

• Fashion Decorative Home Bathroom Seashell Shower Curtain Hooks- This is a designer shower curtain hook in the form of a sea shell, starfish and a conch. These are very pretty different colored hooks perfect for a sea or ocean themed bathroom. The hooks are made of durable high-quality rust proof metal.

• Mirror Damask Decorative Shower Curtain Hooks- these are another set of beautiful shower curtain hooks by Creative Scents for an elegant look in your bathroom. They are simple and round metallic designs which are rust proof and scratch proof as well. Made of high-quality metal these are sturdy and durable.

Shower Curtains for Kids

These are some great shower curtains for Kids. Match well with the other accessories and make your bathroom place to learn. Here are some other shower curtains for kids:

• InterestPrint Children Kids Shower Curtain Décor

Shower Curtains Kids

It’s a map of the world with the different kind of animals found in different places. It’s a great way to teach your kid about all the different animals and where to find them. It’s a beautiful picture with cartoons of different animals like the lion, elephant, bear, panda and even whales, dolphins, penguins and much more. Fun Kids Fabric Bathroom Shower Curtain is another shower curtain for small kids with animated pictures of different animals. And kids love animals, right. It’s a very cute shower curtain with cute cartoons. This is also antibacterial and mold- mildew resistant, so your kids are safe from any harmful bacteria.

The following are some other cool  shower curtains you must look at before renovating your bathroom:

• Carnation Home Fashions The Starry Night Fabric Cool Shower Curtain

Cool Shower CurtainsI found this shower curtain really cool. The colors are a mix of blue, indigo and black blended in a beautiful scenery. The most eye-catching part of this scenery is the skies, which are drawn like waves in a sea. It’s truly beautiful. The material is 100% polyester and you can get this art on a low budget.
Sail Boat Waves and Octopus Old Look Home Textile European Style shower curtain
This shower curtain by Better Curtains is another totally cool shower curtain. The picture is a sketch of a ship attacked by a giant octopus. Pirates of the Caribbean feel, right? It is made with high-quality Turkish fiber, the image is stunning and the picture quality is great. It’s as if you’ve yourself drawn a crazy sketch on your shower curtain. It’s perfect for guys who like to be little dramatic with action films.
Antlers Decor Shower Curtain Set by Ambesonne
This fashionable deer is totally another thing! It’s cool and it’s funny! A deer dressed up in the best of stylish clothes with sunglasses like a hipster, is sure going to lighten up your mood after a long day. This shower curtain is efficacious in its own cool way.

This Rustic Shower Curtain with an anchor is another one I liked a lot! The colors are not too outrageous but a subtle mix of blue and brown. The anchor is drawn in a watermark and it gives a wonderful look to the overall curtain. The material and picture quality is great. We would recommend using this shower curtain over a white background to define its feature perfectly and with blue or brown accessories to complete the look.

Unique shower curtains: these are some of the most unique shower curtains we came across. They are unique from all sense, with the texture the material and the color combination. Hope you like them too.

• Rainy Scene Mystic Foggy Forest Abstract Artwork by Ambesonne

Unique Shower Curtains

This is undoubtedly a unique one we found. The look of this shower curtain is rainy with fogs surrounding a tree. The water drops look real and it will look as if it’s because of the person taking shower inside. It is a flawless design; the colors are not too vibrant but soft and subtle. It will be perfect for a monsoon makeover of your bathroom.

Floating the Skies Hot Air Balloon Butterfly Balloon Design Shower Curtain
This is another shower curtain in our unique list. Butterflies are a symbol of rebirth. They not only signify colors and joy but also the hope of a new life after all the troubles we are facing right now. The large, colorful butterflies in this shower curtain replacing the balloon of a hot air balloon, carrying it upwards is a beautiful illustration of hope and positivity. It will definitely enlighten your mood every time you shower. The fabric is polyester and non PEVA and it doesn’t need a liner. It is mildew and soap resistant and can be easily washed in a machine.

• Inspirational Quotes Laugh More Worry Less Don’t Forget To Be Awesome Bathroom Shower Curtain

Shower curtains, with motivational quotes written over it is something all of us would need in some phase of our life. Life is boring if we are not motivated enough towards our passions or our goals. This shower curtain will inspire you to be happy, to be hopeful and to be determined about your decisions or goals in life. There are multiple quotes written all over it which will definitely pump you up to work towards your passions even after you had a long day. Take a shower to wash all your fatigue and boredom with this shower curtain hanging in your bathroom.

Another similar product is this damask quote Shower Curtain Waterproof Polyester Fabric Bath Curtains

Star Trek Shower Curtain sFor all the trekkers out there who are in love with star trek. We know that you have loads of star trek games, novels, comics and figurines stuffed in your room. Probably have star trek themed bed sheets and walls too. And we wouldn’t blame you, star trek has been loved by everyone for decades now. In fact, we would rather push you a little further and tell you about these awesome star trek shower curtains so that you would give your bathroom a star trek theme as well. Here are some of our favorite ones:

Star Trek: The Next Generation Enterprise Blueprint Shower Curtain
With the blueprint of next generation enterprise D, you Trekkies are going to love this. It’s a magnificent blue overall with a white design of the Star Ship.

• Star Trek TNG Transporter Shower Curtain

Step into the shower to dematerialize yourself and come out rematerialized. I’m sure the trekkers here know what I am trying to say. This shower curtain with a transporter design on it is all you need to enter the star trek world. This is a unique shower curtain designed like the epic transporter from Star Trek series.

For people who love to make it light and enjoy each moment of life, these funny shower curtains are just right! Go to your bathroom for a shower and come out clean and fresh with a lighter mood and a happy face.

• InterestPrint Funny Elephant Shower Curtain

Baby Eleplant Shower Curtains

This shower curtain is such a happy one. I am sure it’s going to up a smile on anyone’s face when they look at it. A happy baby elephant enjoying the waterfall, who wouldn’t get delighted looking at this picture? This shower curtain will make you laugh every time you enter your bathroom for a shower.
The picture quality is great and is formed using heat dye sublimation technique for a long lasting effect.

• GWELL Personalized Funny Unicorn and Cat Shower Curtain

Without a doubt, this shower curtain is really funny. The image is of a cat riding on a unicorn with a gun in its hand in a total action hero style is something you can’t stop laughing at. The image quality is great too with vivid drawings and vibrant colors.

The above shower curtains are for the young, carefree people who want to enjoy what they have in life and live life to the fullest. For the old souls, however, who love to revisit the best times of the past, we have the best of vintage collection of shower curtains. Here are some of the vintage shower curtains you would absolutely fall in love with.

• Ambesonne Decor Collection, Vintage Car Shower Curtains

This piece of art with a vintage car repair signs is absolutely classical! It will transport you the old-world where everything was of high quality including the best of cars and legendary music. 1950 was the era of great music, the best of Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash came around that time. This shower curtain will surely take you to that period with its car repair ads and historic colors.

• Brown Shower Curtain Vintage Decor by Ambesonne

This is another one that we loved in the vintage collection. It is by Ambesonne and truly lives up to its theme. It’s a collection of old newspaper advertisements in an antique manner. The graphics are boldly printed with no dyes and the material is 100% polyester.

• Uphome Vintage Paris Themed Bluish Brown Eiffel Tower Bathroom Shower Curtain

This beautiful shower curtain with Eiffel tower clad with purple flowers will without a doubt take you to the old Paris. We know that old Paris with its quaint markets and horse carriages was the vintage hub of clothing, it still is. This shower curtain is for every fashion sensitive person out there. Give your bathroom vintage look with this stunning shower curtain.

• Lush Decor Darla Vintage Shower Curtain
Vintage Shower CurtainsI wouldn’t call it vintage; this shower curtain is more a shabby chic shower curtain. But yeah, for old souls and simple minded people, it’s quite a thing. The color is such a soft shade of ivory with crafted flowers on it. It gives your bathroom the elegant touch that it needs. It gives a subtle old look to your bathroom making it a lot inviting and pleasing. This shower curtain needs to be properly taken care of and it’s not machine washable owing to its soft texture.

Cascade Shabby Chic Ruffled Sheer Shower Curtain
This ruffled sheer shower curtain appears like a cascade of vertical ruffled layers, giving it a retro look. The design is unique and soft. You can complete the look of your bathroom with dark colored rugs, mats and accessories.

• Western Decor Shower Curtain by Ambesonne

If Paris is for girls, Texas is definitely for the guys! This western Texas style shower curtain is absolutely masculine. The curtain looks like wooden planks against which all the necessities of a cowboy are resting. From cowboy shoes to his hat, a wooden guitar, saddle, arms and ropes. What else would a cowboy need? This is perfect for bachelors and those who are totally American by heart. Give your bathroom a country style look with this shower curtain. Yee-haw!

Go all country style with these western shower curtains. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Christmas Shower Curtains

Christmas Shower CurtainsHow can we not talk about Christmas!? It’s our favorite time of the year. The whole house fills with light and laughter. It’s bright and starry with the Christmas tree decorated with all kind of beautiful accessories and gifts. We decorate our houses with Christmas theme, how can we not include our bathrooms as well? We have the perfect Christmas shower curtains you can use to impress your guests and family members.

Unique Custom Merry Christmas Dreamlike the Santa Claus Waterproof fabric Polyester Shower Curtain

This shower curtain with the picture of our very favorite Santa clause is absolutely adorable. The kids are going to love it. The material is totally polyester and feels soft in your hands, its waterproof and mildew repellant. You don’t have to use a liner with it. The color is well complimenting and it will go well with white or maroon rugs and accessories.
Give your bathroom a Christmas theme this year with this shower curtain.

Easter Shower Curtain to bring up your festive season new happiness

Easter Shower CurtainsWith snow all around and kids making snowmen in your lawn, give them a surprise by bringing this shower curtain in your bathrooms. The Christmas season is the snowman season for kids, they love playing in the snow and making different shapes out of it.
This shower curtain undoubtedly gives the feel of Christmas. The image quality is great and the material is high-quality polyester.

Speaking of Christmas and holidays we wouldn’t dream of leaving Easter out of it!
This next shower curtain is ideal for the Easter holidays.

Easter Decorations Holiday Gifts Fabric Shower Curtain. Decorate Easter eggs and decorate your bathrooms too! The colors are a subtle combination of red, brown, pink, blue and grey. It is indeed a very pretty shower curtain.

It is also important to keep your shower curtains clean. Therefore proper cleaning and maintenance are required. You can wash your machine washable shower curtains to remove dirt, soap and molds from it or you can dry clean the delicate shower curtains as well. Wash your shower curtains regularly to keep them mold free and mildew free. Cleansing also removes harmful bacteria that may have accumulated over time.

Most shower curtains come with instructions about cleaning them. It is best to go according to such instructions. You can use vinegar or bleach for regular fabric shower curtains; you can wash them in a tub or in a machine using mild detergents. However, you may have to be a little more careful about the delicate soft shower curtains.

Do share your views about our selection and do suggest if you think there is a design we should include in our collection of Shower Curtains.

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