Nerdy shower curtains to get you nerdy while taking a shower

If you are not a social animal and don’t like to hang around much. If you love your lone corner in the house with your books about mathematics and physics and great minds like Einstein and Stephen Hawking, then probably you will love these nerdy shower curtains we have for you. Give them a look.

• Nerdy cats shower curtain:
Nerdy shower curtains cat shower

Social animal or not, who doesn’t love cats?? Cats are just adorable, and when these cats have glasses on, you know that they are just like you! Genius! This shower curtains by Sharp Shirter is a lovely piece. Many different cats with glasses on looking at you with those genius eyes, it’s undoubtedly something you must have! The colors are beautifully soft and subtle and complement each other, not too tacky for your taste, exactly how you like it. The material is soft polyester and it’s easy to wash as well. Moreover, this shower curtain can be easily returned if you didn’t like it. No questions asked! Don’t lose this opportunity and go for this nerdy cats shower curtain.

• Bookshelf shower curtain:
Nerdy shower curtains mystic forest red

If books are your only love and you cannot stay away from them, bring this shower curtain to your bathroom. It has a design of a bookshelf with loads of books lying on it and even a cute little cat sleeping on one of the shelves. The colors are bold and vivid and it’s perfectly made. The design is printed using the digital printing technology and not dyed so it’s completely safe for your health. The material is 100 % polyester and it is quite durable as well. It is waterproof, mildew proof and soap resistant, so no worries for your books getting damaged 😉

• The chemistry of shower curtains:
Nerdy shower curtains street decor shower

If you are not much into fiction and love science instead. This shower curtain is totally for you. In fact, every chemistry lover must have this shower curtain! We loved its simplicity! It’s a simple shower curtain with all the different formulas and structures of elements like atoms and elements, DNA and several beakers and flasks you see in a chemistry laboratory. It is for chemistry geniuses and enthusiasts.

• Life of Pi shower curtain:
Nerdy shower curtains pi shower

For budding mathematicians all around the world, this is a perfect pick! Pi- the mathematical constant, whose accurate value has yet not been calculated as it’s an irrational number, is the ratio of a circle’s circumference and its diameter. It is one of the most widely known mathematical constants around the world. This shower curtain is a smart curtain that helps you remember the value of pi which has over 4,600 numbers in this. Isn’t that just awesome?

Bring these shower curtains home and be the comfortable, anti-social and introvert person you love being. Cheers!

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