Periodic table shower curtains for your kids

If you are looking for shower curtains for your kid’s bathroom, why not look for something which is both harmless and educational as well? Umm, shower curtains and education? You must be thinking how the two are related right? Well, this article is going to answer that. These days shower curtains come in varying sizes and designs, and one of the most favorite and trending shower curtain these days is the periodic table shower curtains. Yes, you heard that right!  Time to make that monstrous task of learning about different elements easy!

  • Periodic table shower curtain by Generic:

Periodic table shower curtain best shower

This shower curtains by generic is an ideal example of how a periodic table looks like. It has all the elements found in the modern periodic table till date and even has separate slots for lanthanides and actinides- the ‘d’- block elements. All the different groups are segregated using different colors so that is easy for a person to identify and memorize them. The colors are soft and mellow and compliment the overall blue colored curtain.  The fabric is perfect polyester with all the good properties like being waterproof, soap and mildew proof. The curtain is safe for the environment and is also pretty easy to wash in a machine.

  • Elements of the periodic table shower curtain by Sunlit:

Periodic table shower curtain chemi and youtube

When your kid is a geek and loves chemistry, what better way is there than to surprise him with this cool periodic table themed shower curtain? It’s a beautiful and simple shower curtain with the whole periodic table printed on it. All the different blocks are colored with different colors for ease of understanding. The metals, non-metals, metalloids and the transition metals are all colored differently. It also has a separate space for lanthanides and actinides. Additionally, the state of the matter is also mentioned against the elements name like solid, liquid and gas. It is a complete package of educational learning for your kids.

  • Elements shower curtain by Ambesonne:

Periodic table shower curtain science shower

If a whole arranged periodic table is too monotonous for you, and you wish to twist the method of learning about the elements then go for this shower curtain by the well-known brand Ambesonne. Yes, it has the different elements with their different atomic masses, but no, it’s not arranged in the typical table format that Mendeleev left for us. The shower curtain is cold blue in color with elements written in white, a perfect harmony of blue and white can be seen here. The design is great and the fabric is high-quality. The curtain comes with all the good qualities like anti-soap and mildew, and of course is waterproof. This shower curtain is environment-friendly too as it is non-vinyl and non-PEVA polyester material. Now that’s tempting, isn’t it?

Keep your and your kid’s chemistry up to date with these beautiful periodic table themed shower curtains! 

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