Shower curtain rods

Choosing a correct shower curtain rods for your shower curtains is an equally important task to complete the look of your bathroom. Without shower curtain rods where would you hang those beautiful shower curtains right? But would you just go for any random curtain rods? We wouldn’t recommend that. Curtain rods should be selected carefully while keeping in mind the look and the effect it will have in your bathroom. Here are some tips that would help you in choosing the perfect shower curtain rod for your bathroom.

1. Choosing the right material

2. Choosing the right design

Firstly, you have to decide which material you are looking for. Different materials have different properties, and you have to select that one which will suit your bathroom the best.
Once you have decided which material suits your bathroom the next step is to be a little creative and decorative. Whether you like them simple or decorative is up to you. So go ahead and choose from the variety of products available in the market.
We found these very pretty in particular, take a look-

• aluminum shower curtain rod
Shower curtain rods zenith produscts
This shower curtains by ZPC Zenith Products Corporation is called the Zenna Home Never Rust aluminum shower curtain rod. it is strong and sturdy and easy to install. This item 100% aluminum, it is rust proof and durable.

• stainless steel shower curtain rod

Shower curtain rods carnation home

This shower curtain is sold by Carnation homes. It’s a beautiful bronze-colored steel shower curtain rod. It is heavy duty and durable and is provided with rubberized end caps in order to protect the tiles of your bathroom. This shower curtain tension rod can extend from 41 to 72 inches and can fit most standard bathrooms.

• nickel shower curtain rod
Shower curtain rods elegant home fashion
It’s a beautiful decorative shower curtain rod made of brushed nickel. This tension rod extends up to 44-72 inches. The brushed nickel finish makes it look elegant and strong at the same time. The rod is durable and can easily be installed in the bathroom.

• oil rubbed bronze shower curtain rod:
Shower curtain rods zenith decorative adjustable
This is an easy to adjust and easy to install shower curtain rod by ZPC Zenith Products Corporation. It’s a beautiful bronze rubbed color giving it a particular elegant finish. The best thing about this rod is that it’s very simple to install it, no need to drill and make ugly holes in your perfect bathroom. With the new TwistTight installation, you just have to stretch it and twist in order to install this beautiful shower curtain tension rod. And yes, it’s very durable and can hold up to 30 pounds. It’s practically magic!

• oil rubbed decorative- circle:
Shower curtain rods elegant home fashion circle
For a more decorative look, this bronze oil rubbed circular shower curtain ring is perfect.

• oil rubbed decorative -square
Shower curtain rods elegant home fashion square
Well, if you don’t like circles much, try this squared one.
You may choose shower curtain rods that are curved or double curved for an overall coverage; curved shower curtain rods provide additional space for movement without damaging the shower curtains. …..
• MOEN curved brushed nickel shower curtain rod:
Shower curtain rods moen fixed-length
Curved shower curtain rods provide extra room for movement. This is a corrosion proof curved shower curtain rod by MOEN. it has a brushed nickel finish giving it a very pretty look. it is shiny and sturdy and can last for long periods of time. Moreover, its backed by the MOEN’s limited lifetime Warranty! It’s a great pick for sure!

• curved no tools shower curtain rod by Kenney:
Shower curtain rods kenney no tools
This is another easy to install, no tool curved shower curtain rod manufactured by Kenney. you just have to slide it and lock the rod in order to install it. it has a brushed nickel finish and is also available in Chrome variant. It’s a beautiful curvy shower curtain rod and looks really stylish in bathrooms. it can add an additional 8 inches space for elbow movement while showering.

• double curved shower curtain rod:

Shower curtain rods zenna home
Double curved shower curtain rods are in trend these days owing to its accessibility and uses. Double curtain shower rods can be used for hanging towels or for hanging liners along with the shower curtains. It keeps the liner and the decorative shower curtain separate from each other. It is especially helpful if you have a cotton shower curtain or a curtain that is not waterproof and mildew-proof. This shower curtain by ZPC Zenith Products Corporation is a beautiful double curved shower curtain made of aluminum which is totally rustproof and durable. it can create an additional space of up to 12.5 inches. The rod can be installed easily without cutting as it is provided with screw-mounted brackets for dry installation.

• Double curved stainless steel shower curtain by Kingston Brass:
Shower curtain rods kingston brass
This adjustable double curved shower curtain rod with polished chrome finishing is a beautiful curtain rod in itself. The chrome finishing gives it a beautiful and elegant look which will look luxurious with a wide range of shower curtain rods. This is also available in satin nickel and oil rubbed bronze look which are both equally beautiful.

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