Star Trek shower curtains

Star Trek has been one of the most loved movies so far, it’s a cult phenomenon for over a decade now.  This article is for the trekkers out there looking for something that would add the star trek touch to their bathrooms. And what could be better than a star trek  shower curtains?

Here are some of our favorite star trek themed shower curtains we picked for you-

  • TNG Transporter shower curtain:

Star Trek shower curtains star trek tng

Enter the star trek world with this TNG transporter themed shower curtains. Dematerialize and rematerialize every time you step in and out of the shower. This is an absolutely stunning shower curtain and is really cool.

  • The next generation enterprise star trek themed shower curtain:

Star Trek shower curtains star trek the next generation

The next generation enterprise- D is here! The magnificent starship’s blueprint is designed over this blue shower curtain and it’s absolutely marvelous! For all the huge fans of Star Trek, you’ve got to have this in your bathrooms.

  • Starship enterprise shower curtain:

Star Trek shower curtains Custom SydneyDone Star Trek Bathroom

This shower curtain has without a doubt got the star trek feel. The starship USS Enterprise in its full glory appears as magnificent as it looked in the movies. The dark color of the ship with neon to define the galaxy makes it absolutely breathtaking. You are reminded of the star trek era every time you enter your bathroom. The material is one hundred percent polyester, it’s high-quality and soft to touch. The fabric is waterproof and It is strong and durable, so it’s not easily worn out after a few days. It’s perfect! And definitely a Big YESS for all the Trekkies out there.

  • Starfleet shower curtain:

Star Trek shower curtains star trek shinning Custom Shower

This shower curtain has the legendary symbol of Starfleet drawn on it. Starfleet as we all know was the organization formed by the United Federation of Planets. It was responsible for various researches and maintaining peace. The picture is stunning; the material is soft and high-quality. It has been designed with 12 holes where shower curtain rings can attach for hanging it on the shower curtain rod.

  • Star Trek memories shower curtain:

Star Trek shower curtains CafePress Star Trek

This shower curtain is for everyone who wants to cherish the memories of the legendary movie star trek. It’s a beautiful shower curtain with every punch line, every memorable phrase, the name of the characters that are instilled in our hearts. The Vulcan greeting meaning ‘live long and proper’, Spock, Captain Kirk, Starfleet, United Federation of Planets and much more. Everything reminds you of this amazing movie that we love! It’s a must have shower curtain for all Trekkies.

So, what are you waiting for? These awesome star trek themed bathroom shower curtains are waiting for you! Hope this article helped you in choosing the best of star trek themed shower curtains, Will catch you in the next article, till then live long and prosper! 


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