Unique shower curtains

We all wish for uniqueness in our lives, things which are one of its own, things which are different. They make us feel distinct than the rest and special. If you are looking for some uniqueness in your bathroom as well, we have some unique shower curtains that will set your bathroom apart.

• Iridescent hummingbirds unique shower curtain:

Unique shower curtains ambesonne fal trees decor

Hummingbirds are one of the smallest birds found around the world, and one of the most beautiful too. This shower curtain by Ambesonne illustrates beautiful hummingbirds in dazzling colors. The colors splash around the birds in a beautiful manner. The colors are bold and vibrant and absolutely stunning. The graphics are not dyed but printed using digital printing technology, so it’s absolutely safe and harmless. The fabric is high-quality Turkish material and is hundred percent polyester. It does not retain water, that is, it is waterproof so you don’t need a liner along with it. The fabric is also dust, soap and mildew resistant. It is durable and sturdy and easy to wash too.

• Sea monster shower curtain:

Unique shower curtains generic custom unique

Ever wondered what lies within the depths of great oceans? Many people have, and they believe that there are mysterious creatures that lay hidden in the darkness of the sea and emerges out only when they are hungry for men’s flesh. This shower curtains depicts the legendary sea monster, the Kraken, which is believed to be a giant squid-like creature resting in the darkness of the deep sea. The image is bold and vivid with its giant arms like a root of a tree looking for small fishes to eat. It’s a stunning depicture of this legendary sea monster. The material is polyester. It is also waterproof and soap-mildew proof and totally harmless for you and your family. Awake the legend-loving side of you with this shower curtain.

• Mystic rainy shower curtain:

Unique shower curtains rainy scene shower

This is yet another beautiful and unique shower curtain we stumbled upon. The image is of a monsoon lonely tree with fog surrounding it giving it a cool look. It appears as if it has rained because of the illustration of water drops all around it. The colors are soft and subtle and do not clash with each other. The material is 100 % polyester. The fabric is non-PEVA, it’s waterproof and soap-mildew resistant as well. Overall, the shower curtain is different than whatever we have seen so far. It is undoubtedly one of its kind!

• Cobblestone patterned shower curtain:

Unique shower curtains ufriday chic pebble

This semi-transparent cobblestone patterned shower curtain by Ufriday is something we were awestruck at. It’s a beautiful curtain and is very decorative. It’s simple yet so eccentric! The fabric is soft and durable polyester. This too is waterproof and soap and mildew resistant, additionally it is antibacterial as well! Isn’t that just awesome? You don’t find such curtains everywhere. Go for this unique shower curtain! It’s just too amazing to resist.

These were some of the shower curtains we feel would definitely click your tastes if you are looking for something special, something distinctive and one of a kind!

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