Shabby chic shower curtain

For old soul and simple minded people, who love old age era and wants to give their bathroom a shabby chic appearance, we have the perfect curtains that epitomize shabby chic. These curtains look slightly worn out and old but have a pleasing effect on people.


• Ivory flowers shabby chic shower curtain:


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Shabby chic look though looks pleasantly old, but they also have a romantic style to it. This shower curtain, for example, is a pleasant color of ivory with beautifully crafted flowers on it.
The material is one hundred percent polyester and needs to properly take care of. It has a very simple and elegant look which will go with a wide range of bathrooms.

• Cascade shower curtain:


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It’s another stunning white shower curtains that is totally shabby chic. The curtain has ruffled vertical layers in a flowing look like a cascade. The material is high quality and durable. Dark colored towels, rugs, and mats will complement well with this shower curtain.

• Lush shabby chic shower curtain:


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If you are looking for a shabby chic shower curtains that will increase the elegance of your bathroom, this one is definitely going to give you that. The shower curtain is a beautiful ivory colored curtain with large crafted flowers on it, giving it a pleasant look. It is 100% polyester and easy to handle.

• Shades of gray shabby chic shower curtain:


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This shower curtain by Dainty Home epitomizes shabby chic. It has beautiful shades of gray from black to white in ruffled layers of the fabric. It is a stunning piece which will only increase the elegance of your bathroom and make it breathtakingly beautiful. This shower curtain will compliment well with black or white themed bathrooms with black or white towels, rugs, and accessories. It is 100% polyester and can be easily washed in washing machines.

• Butterfly shower curtain:

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It’s a shower curtain by the well-known brand Carnation Home Fashions. If you are looking for something more feminine, it’s just for you. Beautiful colorful butterflies all over the shower curtain, it somehow gives a more grandparent’s place look. It is very pleasant to look at and is soft to touch. Made of 100 percent polyester with tiers of ruffled fabric it can go well with a wide range of bathrooms.

• Shabby chic shower curtain by Lush Décor:


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This shower curtain is by far the most mesmerizingly beautiful shower curtain I have seen. It’s a plain white shower curtain with little-crafted flowers which make it look simply grand and luxurious. It’s also available in ivory, blue and red colors which make it even more awesome! I am sure this will take your heart away. Give it a try!

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