Shower Curtains Cleaning made easy

Shower curtains have become an important aspect of every bathroom décor these days. These are cheaper and you can coordinate with various colors and designs. It is however important that you regularly clean them as they have high chances of getting dirty and acquiring mould and mildew stains quite often.
Shower curtains cleaning is pretty simple.

1.) Machine wash:

machine washing shower curtain

If your shower curtains is not very delicate and can be machine washed, simply put your shower curtain for a wash in the machine. Machine washable shower curtains do not get damaged if you wash them carefully in low temperature.

Put the shower curtain in the washer and add your regular detergent that you use for laundry. Now add one or two clean white towels to it. Towels act as a scrubber, cleaning the curtains gently as usually shower curtains are slippery. These also prevent tugging and tearing of the shower curtains.

With the detergent, you can also use some baking soda to enhance the cleaning of the shower curtains. Doing this is especially helpful when you have tough moulds and mildew the shower curtain. Later add white vinegar during the rinse cycle. Baking powder plus vinegar is an old age formula to combat heavy moulds and stains.

After the cleaning is done, air dry the shower curtain. Never dry a shower curtain in the machine, you should always hang it to drip and air dry.

You will get a clean sparkling and renewed shower curtain!

* If there is a lot of tough mildew and other stains on your translucent or white shower curtain, you can also add a cup of bleach to get rid of them. Note that bleach should be added only to white or transparent shower curtains.

2.) Hand wash:

hand wash shower curtain

For shower curtains that cannot be machine washed you can hand wash them too.
Soak your shower curtain in water and a mixture of natural detergent for some time. Then, on a damp cloth and coat it with a layer of baking soda. Scrub the shower curtain gently with this damp cloth. Leave the tough stains alone for now and focus on overall cleaning of the basic stains.

Take another clean damp cloth and wipe clean all the baking powder off the shower curtain. Make sure that you clean it all properly.

Now, coming to the tough stains, damp a cloth and add a layer of baking soda. Rub the stains properly making sure to remove all the moulds and mildew accumulated over time.

Again clean off the baking powder from the shower curtain using water and a clean damp cloth. Ensure that no traces of baking soda are left on the shower curtain.
Hang- dry the shower curtain.

*Additional Tips:

– Always keep your shower curtain clean, make sure you use a liner with decorative shower curtains.

– You can switch to body wash in place of soaps as soap generally forms scum and gets accumulated on the shower curtain.

– Regular cleaning of the shower curtain reduces the accumulation of moulds and mildew on the shower curtain.

– Spray the shower curtain with a mixture of water and vinegar in equal ratio after every shower. You can also add a few drops of lemon for fragrance.

– Clean the hem of your shower curtain thoroughly with a mixture of vinegar and water with a brush to remove any accumulated scum or molds.

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